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Flowing Hope Yoga has been providing donation based yoga to women in southern Colorado for over a year.  We hope that you will join us each Thursday evening from 5:30 - 6:30 pm, at the Movement Arts Community Studio in Colorado Springs, for a Power Vinyasa Flow yoga class geared towards all levels of experience.  Power yoga is typically intended for those people who are somewhat fit, but come and do what you are able to do.  Most people by the end of the first month, have lost weight, gained muscle strength and amazing flexibility!

Yoga is a system for improving our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The practice of yoga is a journey to understand ourselves on all these levels. Yoga is a practice that encourages a spiritual path based on The Yamas and Niyamas.  Come and share in this amazing journey.   Be together as women, breath together as women and create a ritual and a practice that serves you.

In life women can face many different types of obstacles. Their journey through those obstacles often leads them into uncharted waters that sometimes lead to abuse and/or addiction. Recovery from these obstacles requires healing the mind, the body and the spirit.

Recovery can mean a lot of things. If you have been abused, a victim of domestic violence, or you are a member of AA, Al-Anon, NA, CODA, ACOA - - please come. If you are working a twelve step program in any area of your life, you are in recovery.

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one's being, from bodily health to self-realization.